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  • Superstorm Sandy's Business Impacts
    Insurance Recovery and Advisory Partner Peter Gillon discusses Super-storm Sandy’s business impacts and the need for companies to identify which buckets of insurance coverage may be available to address direct losses as well as losses caused by contingent business interruption issues.
  • Preparing for a Disaster: Insurance Policy Tips
    Insurance plays an important role in the disaster plans of most companies. But some of the finer points of the policies are often overlooked, causing unexpected problems during disaster recovery. Peter Gillon, Insurance Recovery/Litigation partner, shares some tips on how to avoid common mistakes.
  • Dealing with Data Breaches Before and After They Happen
    The chances are your company will experience a data breach. Pillsbury's Crisis Management Team member, Cathie Meyer, shares tips on what your company can do to protect itself, and how to handle the situation once a breach occurs.
  • Responding to Environmental Spills: Critical Considerations
    Environmental spills can result in civil or even criminal penalties. To minimize this risk, companies need to understand the importance of meeting legal requirements, in addition to responding to the actual event. Sheila Harvey, an Energy/Environmental partner, explains several critical steps.
  • Lessons Learned from Mishandled Crises
    One of the worst mistakes companies make in handling a crisis is to focus solely on protecting their interests. David Dekker, Construction Counseling/Litigation partner makes the case for a cooperative approach.
  • Hon. Greg Laughlin Discusses Pillsbury's Crisis Management Team
    Senior Counsel Greg Laughlin describes the capabilities and experience of Pillsbury’s Crisis Management Team. Having dealt with crises in both the private sector and in government regulatory roles, our lawyers are equipped to move quickly in mobilizing the firm's global resources to guide clients experiencing crises of any type. They can also help an organization set up contingency plans in advance, to be deployed in the event of a crisis.
  • Elizabeth Moeller Discusses Crisis Strategy Planning in Government Investigations
    Public Policy partner Elizabeth Moeller addresses the recent rise in the frequency and intensity of investigations by government entities at all levels. When clients turn to Pillsbury amid an official probe, our lawyers draw on their knowledge of investigative processes and players to provide guided and strategic counsel during what is often a trying time. They know how to act decisively -- but not recklessly -- in dealing with the authorities.
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