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Privacy and Information Technology

Pillsbury routinely helps clients to develop and implement effective breach response policies and procedures, and to enhance existing response programs. This action plan is meant to help clients prepare for and/or respond to a security breach.
When a breach has occurred, we focus on a rapid and thorough response, often coordinating several parties in parallel: We work with technical experts to restore security to clients’ systems, with law enforcement to conduct criminal investigations and prosecutions, with security consultants to conduct forensic reviews and with public relations firms to manage disclosure of the breach to the public.

We counsel on post-breach activities such as:
  • Planning and implementing communication strategies for disclosing breaches to affected consumers, as well as regulatory agencies 
  • Providing access to credit monitoring solutions and establishing websites and call centers for affected individuals to contact for information and assistance
  • Conducting “postmortem” assessments to confirm the root cause(s) of a breach and develop and implement remediation plans to prevent similar breaches from recurring